Other Videos

We thought we would share some links to other videos that you might find interesting (most are on Youtube.com).

Please note that these are just links to other websites. The content is not ours nor are we hosting it.



2011 Carsons Draft Horse Futurity


Winner of the Futurity was one of Duke's sons - Sandcastle Sir Eli.


Ebersol Boys Quadrille - A Tribute to Ken Knox

Filmed at the First Start Acres Percherons Production Sale, June 2011

2009 Budweiser Superbowl Clydesdale Ad (Ancestry)

2009 Budweiser Superbowl Stick Ad (Ancestry)

2009 Budweiser Superbowl Clydesdale Ad (Circus)

2008 Budweiser Superbowl Commercial

1986 Budweiser Clydesdale Commercial

1976 Budweiser Clydesdale Commercial

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